Attention window

There is such a term in psychology - "Attention window". This is the period in the development of the child, when the child is fond of something - biology, music, chemistry, or something else. At this moment it is very important to load the child on an interesting subject, otherwise the interest will quickly run out, which is characteristic of children. With the right approach, a little enthusiasm will turn into a full-fledged hobby, and perhaps even become a vector of development in life.

Naooka takes into account this feature, and that's why our videos last an average of 1 minute, so that the child does not lose interest, and also provides huge content that allows the child to provide extensive information about the subject of hobbies.

Personalized learning

Personalized learning can be considered as a key principle of the newest strategies of adaptive education, which make it necessary to rethink the approach to learning.

Studies have shown that the traditional model of teaching for many students that is designed for all at once does not work. Now, many educational institutions in the west use digital technologies, on the basis of which they build a model of "personalized learning" that allows them to learn to develop a wide range of competencies in the context of their personal interests.

The development vector of Naoka is aimed at offering the child materials, depending on his interests and abilities, thereby making the learning personalized.