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Why choose Naooka?

Education and enter­tain­ment
go hand in hand

Every experiment includes a detailed description to help your child gain a full understanding of each experiment.

A fun and interesting way
to spend time together

Spend the weekend together doing an interesting and useful activity; in the days that follow, your child can learn more about science independently using our website.

Makes science more

With our interesting and diverse experiments, your child can study science in practice, not just in theory.

Naooka uses 4 main trends in modern education

It has already been proven that the listener better absorbs information adapted to his needs. And thanks to this approach, everyone chooses a convenient time for classes.
People simply get bored of school desks, classes, even super modernized ones. Therefore, you can enjoy Naooka anywhere. The goal is to create the most comfortable conditions for education.
Training through
It’s one thing when you are training at a leisurely pace, “for yourself,” the other – when you challenge yourself, give yourself completely to the educational process, carry out assignments. Each experiment is a kind of challenge.
Statistics show that an increasing number of people prefer a phone to a computer. Thanks to our application, you also have this possibility.
experiments will suit your child if:
Your child is interested in science and age 5-12.
The school curriculum doesn’t have enough practical chemistry lessons.
Your child hasn’t started studying chemistry at school yet, but you want to inspire them with an interest in science.
Your child is homeschooled.
How it works?
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Now you have access to all the videos of Naooka! And every month you will get 20-30 new videos
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