Naooka Project

Engineering portal for parents and their children

What is naooka?

  1. Just watch the clip and follow the instructions
  2. The explanation is attached to each clip, so the child and his parents can understand what is happening and why
  3. The only thing parent needs is very little time, desire and some simple cheap staff from nearest shop

NAOOKA is a web portal with simple education short clips that any parent can easily repeat

Naooka's rules

Naooka's audience


  • care about their child's future
  • want theri child to get the best education possible
  • want to dedicate their time to the child
  • search for the best innovative educational program
  • want to save time and money

What naooka does

  • NAOOKA attracts children by its play-model and lead them into the world of science and technology
  • NAOOKA helps children see how disciplines like math and science are relevant to their lives
  • NAOOKA makes children used to think, develop and create

why is it time for

“The Whole Earth Catalog”, which focused on an alternative education, "do it yourself" (DIY) and featured the slogan "access to tools"

”Stay hungry - I have always wished that for myself”

(c) Steve Jobs, Stanford commencement speech, addresed to the issue of his youth

Asian growth means demand for personnel

Asia is growing faster than any other region recent decades.

Such tremendous growth attracts people, capitals and investments. And now the center is moving here.

There is demand in high qualified STEM- educated personnel who will meet the challenges of growing economies.

asian trends

Emerging Trends

  • Economic growth
  • Growing youth unemployment
  • Changing labour structures
  • Rsing middle class
  • Changing population dynamics
  • Technological advances

The Need For:

  • Education systems to adapt
  • "Transversal" and 21st century skills
  • Training for no yet existing jobs
  • Learning beyond tye classroom e.g. via ICTs
  • Various pathways to learning


there is need for transvormative changes in education

The image of EDU trends

The researches show that New generations of learners:

  • Generally cannot concentrate for a long time
  • Prefer learning through graphics rather than reading text
  • Tend to seek knowledge through internet rather than books
  • Have to deal with a huge amount of information

Change in Learner's Roles

Passive Learner
Reproducer of Knowledge
Dependent Learner
Solitary Learner
Solely Learning Content

Active Learner
Producer of Knowledge
Independent Learner
Collaborative Learner
Learning to Learn

NAOOKA’s methodic meets the demands of New Generation and brings inspiration for STEM-learning

Modern science education for young pupils

  • Present science concepts are difficult for the children to absorb and retain knowledge
  • “Sinking/Floating” and “Evaporation” approaches should be combined to effectively study science
  • Accumulation of information for the child in this traditional, authoritarian and non-interactive environment led to the production of cognition “clichés” instead of producing knowledge in the true meaning. This led the Arab Islamic world to lag behind the progress of civilization due to the scientific and technological backwardness.

Why we? Our team and expertise

Soviet education leverage

Our education approach related to clips is based on Soviet system for preparing engineers that was established in 1927 and was based on practical experiments to prepare engineers from early childhood. Generation that was brought up on this methodology launched first in the world satellite in 1957 and one of the first nuclear bombs in the world making Soviet Union from agricultural country to world technology leader just in one generation.

Russia is the world leader in engineering education

Team exeperience in the field

Our team has expeience in laucnhing of projects for children education in Russia and abroad. Project Voltio is Russian construction toy for education of chidren in electronics

Voltio courses in Bauman University and MePHI (Moscow)

Voltio Kits include all needed components and tools for group or individual work

35 Physics Olympiads was won by our children

The device transmitting a binary count converter to decimal digits by three indication wires. Device made by Andrey Rasyuk, 7 school grade

97% of our "graduates" entered top Russian technical universities and keep studying physics in practice

Voltio workshop was included in the program at the Youth City 2030

General education event in the Middle East in 2015 and successfully supplied to Bahrain.